Naomi Coleman. The saying goes... Be the change you want to see - but I couldn't do everything, so I wanted to teach and empower people to be the change we all want to see!

Caroline Smith. Permaculture is one of the few ethical systems level approaches that offer a set of well-thought-out guiding principles, practical steps and most importantly, hope, for creating a better future. It just feels right.

 Robin Clayfield. I'm involved in Permaculture because it supports me to say yes to positive solutions for social and environmental change rather than no to all the problems in the world.

John Champagne. Permaculture enables me to live an honourable life as a human being in harmony with all other species on our living planet Gaia.

Rosemary Morrow. I do what I do because it is the only ethical path I see for the future. If I don’t work for Earth’s restoration I am morally bankrupt and live in a land of dreams. Science is beautiful, especially the applied science of permaculture. It leads us to a place where we hold ‘sacred’ knowledge to repair and restore Earth’s ecosystems.

Hannah Moloney. I chose permaculture as a way of life as it is a positive, effective, solution-orientated approach to some of the biggest environmental, political and economic challenges we face in the history of humans.

Jenny Allen. Like enduring love, permaculture continues to inspire me by the many delights (and surprises) my garden just continues to produce.

Dave Jacke. The essence of permaculture to me is ecosystem mimicry in human cultures. No more, no less, but we need to work together to work it all out.

Ian Lillington. Permaculture, for me, is the guidance and knowledge we need to 'drive' planet earth, so we can have a good life now and so that life on earth can be sustained for a long time into the future.

Ross Mars. I see permaculture as an overarching discipline that embraces all aspects of human civilisation. It enables us to develop strategies for each of us to live better and more fulfilling lives.

Cecilia Macaulay. I do permaculture for a life of excellence and freely-chosen effort, strong and bendy enough to act without forcing or being forced by the world. Most of all, I do Permaculture to get all the competing impulses within me and around me co-operating and trusting each other. I am my very own forest. Your forest and my forest could join forces. Lavish!

Kirsten Bradley. Permaculture means the chance to imagine, design, and create the positive and resilient futures our communities need. If we chose to use our time on earth in this way, our power to do good is enormous.

Miriam Martin, Caprino Farm. Permaculture is working with the environment for the benefit and enhancement of the environment.

Janet Millington. Perhaps there is no greater thing we can do for our children than to ensure they receive their birthright: a love and understanding of nature and a knowledge of their place in it.

John McKenzie. Permafund exists to channel funds into numerous projects to minimise the impact of energy descent for all citizens worldwide and to share lessons-learned as a way to keep thinking about what good Permaculture aid looks like.

Dick Copeman. I practise and teach permaculture because it so beautifully combines a big picture world view with down-to-earth, practical ways of growing food, building community and healing the earth.

Carolyn Nuttall. I apply permaculture design in my work with children. It helps with the 'why' questions and keeps us all thinking.

Greg Knibbs. Permaculture is a proven design system, and when good design is taught and applied on the ground, it will transition communities from dependency to self- reliance, and at the same time rebuilding local natural capital.

Max Lindegger. I like to find solutions in partnership – shared success is double the joy. Permaculture is a lifestyle choice, not a religion but a set of principles I find I can apply anywhere, anytime.

Graham Bell. After a thirty year flirtation with permaculture I have realised it becomes who you are and what you do - for me the continuing inspiration comes from the knowledge that the practice proves the theory as every permaculture system we have created increases its yield year on year, and the crowning joy is being able to share this knowledge and the associated skill with the next generation of practitioners in the knowledge that, although our past is longer than our future, what we have discovered will survive in the hands and minds of others.

Miles Durand. The philosophy, principles and practice of permaculture design has in the past, as it is in the present and will be into the future, kept me moving forward, even in times of a very unkind world. For me, it’s about the earth, the people and moving the surplus from systems of abundance to where it is needed.

Bruce Zell. On one hand there were plenty of reasons to embrace Permaculture design, five generations of us farmers knew no better. In ignorance, we cleared vast tracts of healthy bush, rivers silted up, lifestyles ruined, species lost - coming back from the brink is hard. On the other hand, reasons are not a question, the science is just plain brilliant and the work worth doing for its own sake. I enjoy the ride.

Robyn Rosenfeldt. I want Pip Magazine to inspire people to live more sustainably by sharing ideas, stories and information from around the country and the globe in a way that is beautiful and inviting and shows people that bringing permaculture into your life actually enriches your life.

Fiona Campbell. Permaculture has given me the design structure to explore and contribute to community development. By using a range of programs and strategies people can be led in behaviour change that results in resilient communities.

Russ Grayson. For me, permaculture is a technology, an approach that is accessible to all who wish to make resilient systems and societies and to create opportunity and a modest prosperity for all.

Beck Lowe. It is all too easy to be overwhelmed by the deluge of environmental and social problems that surround us – permaculture provides a positive way forward! And thanks to permaculture my life is stimulating, challenging and active whilst making a positive impact on the planet (and eating good food!) – what more could one want?